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Election submissions are now open! Step up for roles like President, VP of Operations, or Treasurer. Bring your leadership skills and passion for community to shape our PTO's future. Submit by 5/20/24. Let's make 2024-2025 School year the best one yet!


Click Here to Submit your name: BDF Elections




Are you a natural leader with a knack for organization? Consider running for President of the BDF PTO! As President, you'll preside over all public and board meetings, craft meeting agendas, and coordinate the efforts of our officers and committees. Your role will also involve representing the PTO at community events and ensuring the organization's financial health by reviewing bank statements with the Treasurer. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to create committees that align with our mission and maintain important records for the organization's continuity. If you're ready to lead and make a difference in our community, the role of President awaits you!


Vice President of Operations:


Are you detail-oriented and passionate about enhancing the operations of our PTO? Consider running for Vice President of Operations! In this role, you'll serve as a vital aide to the President, overseeing committees related to PTO activities and operations such as Field Day, the 8th Grade Dance, and other events. You'll collaborate closely with the President to ensure seamless coordination and submit reports and receipts in advance of Executive Board meetings. Your dedication will contribute to the smooth functioning of our PTO, making a tangible impact on the experiences of students and families in our community. Step up and become our Vice President of Operations!




Do you have a head for numbers and a passion for financial responsibility? Consider running for Treasurer of the BDF PTO! As Treasurer, you'll be entrusted with the custody of our funds and tasked with maintaining accurate financial records, including reconciling bank statements monthly. You'll present financial statements at board and general membership meetings, ensuring transparency and accountability in our financial practices. Additionally, you'll oversee fundraising committees and handle disbursements according to approved budgets. Your role will be crucial in maintaining the financial health of our organization and supporting our mission. If you're ready to put your financial skills to work for the benefit of our community, run for Treasurer today!

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